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Day One

Location: Slipway, Antigua

Today we all arrived on the boat, and thus far, things are looking up. A few of us met at the airport before arriving and started to get to know each other. We then proceeded to go through customs and had a rough time trying to navigate all of the new covid restrictions that were added to the already strenuous system. We then arrived at the Vela and began to get ourselves oriented with the ship as well as stowing all our gear. For tonight the Vela is harbored in the slipway in English harbor. We then sat down to an amazing meal of veggie curry and were then assigned our jobs, which we were then briefly educated on. We are all very excited to be here and meet each other, and we cant wait to see what tomorrow holds.

- Will

From the Staff:

We spent the morning cleaning the boat and getting ready to greet our new shipmates aboard Vela. Our first seven shipmates arrived mid-afternoon and began the onboarding process of temperature taking, disinfecting luggage and shoes, finding their bunks, and meeting their new cabin mates. As the first group checked in with Smash in the chart house and got unpacked and settled in their new home, the final thirteen shipmates arrived together from the airport. It seems that no one had too painful a time getting through customs as all shipmates were on the boat and unpacking by around 5 pm. We had the wonderful smells of Shona cooking vegetable curry as the new group of shipmates got settled. The madness of unpacking continued until well after dinner, but everyone is getting comfortable as they continue to get acquainted with the ship. Tom, Smash, Leoni, Shona, Calum, and I have been excited all day to meet everyone, and it has been wonderful to see everyone chatting and getting to know each other so quickly. We can't wait to start diving, sailing, and learning with the shipmates, but tonight we will get everyone rested up for their next 90 days aboard Vela.

Photo 1: Our view of English Harbour
Photo 2: Smash and Charlie getting a break from the sun
Photo 3: Will getting his fishing gear ready while some of the shipmates enjoy the bowsprit
Photo 4: Max, Andrejs, Greg, Maddy, Hannah, and Colm finishing cleaning up after dinner