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Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Since most of our students don't arrive until the later part of the day, this first blog is dedicated to the staff. For all of you reading this...Welcome to Vela's spring trip 2022! Day one brings the usual buzz of excitement and nervous energy. The bunks are all made, the floors scrubbed, the fruit hammocks full, and the staff is ready to pick some noses (rapid test) and meet our students! I would like to introduce them here and now:

1. Tom Tomasello captain of leisure
2. Smash leader of the turbo team
3. Calum light packer
4. Dylan the Underlord
5. Nick measures everything in his hands
6. Sydnei her favorite fruit is mac n cheese
7. Carolyn is happy when her pizza is pizza


Here is Teagan to blog for day 1:
Everyone was able to make it to the boat today, and we were able to get introduced to everyone. It was a whirlwind of a day with everyone coming on board and unpacking, but we were able to get it done. It was nice and sunny when we started to show up, but it started to rain a little, so we ate soggy pasta on deck for dinner, and it was delicious. Everyone is super excited to get started on this amazing journey together, and most people are really looking forward to diving. This was an awesome start to an even more amazing experience with all of these new people. Can't wait to start learning about this boat the ocean, and get to know these really cool people.
- Teagan (Love you, Mom, Dad, Luke, Daisy, and Rocky)

1. Drone shot of Nelson's Dockyard
2. The staff (Smash, Carolyn, Sydnei, Calum, Nick, and Tom)
3. The FRUIT
4. Sofia, Audrey, Annika
5. Lizzy and Sharp