Marine Science Instructor

Growing up on the central coast of California, Anna was constantly surrounded and inspired by the ocean. With a passion for marine conservation, she pursued a degree in Conservation & Resource Studies at UC Berkeley and a minor in Global Poverty. She then worked in places around the globe as a marine science educator for several organizations, including ActionQuest in the British Virgin Islands. With a love for being in the field, she spent time on the Farallon Islands researching elephant seals and worked jobs as varied as removing invasive species in the Appalachian Mountains to kayaking through caves on the Central Coast. Anna went on to receive a masters certificate in Science Illustration from Cal State University, Monterey Bay. She loves utilizing art to communicate scientific research and has worked with organizations to illustrate topics within marine conservation and tropical ecology. For fun, Anna loves to surf her home breaks in California, paint old boards, jump into really cold water, and explore as many tropical reefs as possible. She is so excited to be on board Argo, share her love of the ocean, and explore the world with students.

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