Senior Instructor at University of South Florida

Chantale has been involved with Sea|mester for over 15 years in a variety of capacities. She joined the program as a marine science instructor onboard S/Y Ocean Star in summer 2003 and after a few years in the Caribbean, she helped develop and lead new global programs on S/Y Argo. After five years as full-time onboard operational staff, Chantale left Sea|mester to pursue a PhD in coral reef ecology and conservation at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Her research focused on the reefs of the Eastern Caribbean, and much of her fieldwork was conducted in partnership with Sea|mester marine scientists and students. Chantale is now a Senior Instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa where she teaches biology at all undergraduate levels, from introductory biology to upper-level specialty courses and field-intensive experiences. She has brought a lot of the experiential learning concepts she first used at Sea|mester to her teaching at USF, and continues to improve her teaching strategies while conducting research in pedagogy. Chantale also serves on the Sea|mester Academic Committee which oversees the achievement of Sea|mesters educational objectives.

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