Marine Science Instructor

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Davids path has largely been guided by his passion for the natural environment, its study, and its conservation. Growing up becoming an Eagle Scout and working as an Exhibit Guide for the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, David cultivated a deep love for the wild places of this Earth, and a dedication to sharing them with his community. This passion drove him to complete two Bachelor of Science programs in Biology and Geology at the University of Florida, while minoring in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. After taking a year to follow his dream of working as a chef, David would soon complete a Master of Science program in Marine Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he taught Oceanography for two years while integrating his diverse experiences toward the study of estuarine biogeochemistry and the role of coastal systems in mediating climate change processes.

Over his career, David has learned a great deal about natural systems from many different perspectives, and hes fired up to share what hes learned with you as your next Marine Science Instructor!

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