Marine Science Instructor

Dylan grew up in Washington state and spent most of his childhood summers sailing and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. Avid travelers, his parents exposed him to many different cultures and experiences in his early years, impressing upon him the sheer diversity of life and ways of life on the planet from a young age. Out of this grew his passion for marine biology and geography which he studied at the University of Oregon. After graduating he joined the Peace Corps and served in Malawi, Africa for two years. While there he worked with community members to increase food security, promote alternative charcoal production, and conserve local resources. After returning to the States, he attended Stony Brook University and received his Masters degree in Marine Science studying the effects of environmental stress on eelgrass around Long Island, New York. Dylan is excited to share his passion for teaching, marine biology, and conservation as a member of the Sea|mester team.

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