James Berry


James grew up in a leafy Surrey suburb and was inspired to sail after a Groupon Voucher birthday gift took him to his first RYA lesson on a small Kentish lake.

Early casual work whilst at school and college found him helping tourists with audio guides at Westminster Abbey, an activities manager for an Italian Language Summer School, and acting as an extra in various TV shows and feature films, which he continues to date if he is available. James has been known to entertain friends and colleagues in the guise of his pirate hero Jack Sparrow.

Following A levels and a spell on the rowing team at Twickenham College he initially trained as a Water Sports Instructor and then, after earning a scholarship, gained his Yachtmaster Offshore licensing in the Super Yacht Cadetship program at the UKSA on the Isle of Wight.

He has worked in and around Europe, including Greece, instructing holiday-makers in sailing and windsurfing, and charter skipper sailing seasons in Italy and Croatia. He has also lent his skills to the superyacht industry, enjoying working in the Caribbean where on his day-off, he was able to volunteer his instructing skills with the youngsters at the local sailing club.

The summer of 2018 he spent some time traveling in N.E Australia working on a dive boat exploring and guiding divers on the Great Barrier Reef whilst earning his rescue diver qualification.

James loves to introduce and share outdoor experiences with everyone, young and old! He is fascinated by wildlife from cuddling koalas, wrangling snakes, diving with sharks and rays (kissing one on its nose among the biggest thrills) along with sharing a moon-lit night sail in the Southern Mediterranean with a pod of dolphins on his bow. He is greatly looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm with everyone on the Sea|mester Programme.

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