Marc started sailing on lakes as a kid with his family in Canada, too young to know not to tie knots all over the sheets, making tacking a real pleasure for his parents. His passion for sailing never faded, although he took a break while too busy mountaineering in the alps. As a guide with the Swiss Alpine Club, he enjoys taking groups out in the mountains, especially teaching the intro course for ski touring and coaching colleagues in their progress, passing on knowledge and experience. 10 years ago Marc got back into sailing more motivated than ever, with a couple of Atlantic crossings and finally completing his Yachtmaster Oceans. Marc always admired scientists working in the field on boats. He was a big fan of the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau. In the last few years he had the opportunity to combine his love for ocean life and sailing, having been a mate, then captain for an organization defending marine life and the oceans. Marc is always looking forward to learning from all the wonderful people he has a chance to share some miles and time at sea with.

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