Margaux Carmichael

Marine Science Instructor / Diving Instructor

Surrounded by water her whole life, Margaux grew up in Brittany; France between her father`s shipyard and the beautiful river of Odet. Having lived among a family of sailors, she has pursued her passion for nature and all things water-related ever since. Margaux graduated from the University of Occidental Brittany, in 2009 and spent a year learning Spanish in Galicia, Spain. She joined the Tara Ocean Expedition as a Marine Biologist & Research Assistant traveling the world while conducting biodiversity studies on plankton and Oceanography. During the expedition, Margaux completed her Master’s degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography from the University Pierre & Marie Curie and decided to specialize in Ecology, Genetics & Coral Symbiosis. Following the expedition, she worked at various research labs at the Penn State University in Pennsylvania and later at the University of Queensland in Australia and Australian Institute for Marine Sciences utilizing her diving skills to progress her research. Following years of research and a desire to share her knowledge, Margaux then decided to launch into conservation and environmental awareness and has dedicated herself to teaching her passion since.

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