Location: Cartagena, Spain

We started the day with the soothing tune of Who Let the Dogs Out. Cali, Miles, Liam, Sean, Amanda, and I were driven out by Anna for our Polar Plunge. Liam and Sean were finishing open water and did so successfully (yay). Cali, Miles, and I were working on skill circuits just below the thermocline and got some good practice in sediment land. Once we were back on Argo, we were able to dethaw with warm showers. Students then went into a Leadership lecture led by Hilary and Caroline. Staff went into the chart house to work on making new fall lines and matts for Argo. Afterward, students had a science lab to learn about the science equipment we have on board for their research projects. We finished passage prep and got final shore time in Cartagena before Amanda took us off the dock (wooo). Daisy and Gabby lead our staysail raises, and we set off into the sunset towards Almerimar. It was much appreciated warm soup for dinner (Thank you, Erik, Joe, and Sean), followed by our squeeze question for the night: “If the person to your left was an animal, what would they be? No explanation allowed”. My favorite answer was Ostrich. To fit the theme, I will not give an explanation why. Watch Team 3 (Cali, Daisy, Hilary, Liam, McGee, Rob, Xavie), or as we call ourselves, World Wide Watch (T Dubs for short), spent a lot of time studying for their Marine Biology Exam, which gave Will and l some fun time on the helm.

Finally, shout out to my fam for keeping me updated on hockey while I can’t watch. Love and miss you guys.