Location: Underway to Barbados

Today brought us a morning of squalls and gusting winds up to 30kn, only becoming calmer around 7 am with the sunrise where watch team 2 was lucky enough to watch the sky turn red during a cloudy sunrise. Today we took the safety test that many have been studying for and surrounded by on deck for the past 50 days. Following that, we had a leadership class where we discussed the definition and principles that this textbook defines as leadership. Many studied for the upcoming marine bio test after the people getting their open water certifications finished their quizzes and knowledge reviews before starting our in-water training in the next couple of days. Beau, Peter, and Nat made corn chowder for lunch and a great chicken peanut noodle dinner. During squeeze tonight, everyone shared what they thought the best option for a bow-sprit figurehead would be. The question was interrupted by a big ol’ wahoo that found itself on our lines and will most likely find itself in our bellies during lunch tomorrow. While we all reflect happily on the long passages we’ve had over the past 50ish days, we’re ready to enjoy more time near land where we can have more diving, more consistent sailing, exploring islands in the Caribbean, and Antigua classics soon enough.
-Gabe D