Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Today has had an extremely strange feel to it. The eagle-eyed of you readers will of noticed that I wrote the blog two days ago when I was indeed the actual skipper of the day. Today I am merely pretending. The reason for this is that half of the crew (15 in total) are away from our lovely home for the night. These lucky folk is away searching, with the intensity of a “Where’s Waldo” book, for animals big and small in the savannah. They are away on safari. We have only received one photo of their finds (shown above, yes, it’s not what you’d imagine from an African safari but still a fabulous find). Besides that, we haven’t heard too much about their day as they are currently enjoying the terrestrial wilderness and making the most of this moment by not texting us all the time. You’ll be able to hear and see all about the mythical creatures that they have spotted tomorrow once they have returned.

For the dozen that remained here with Argo today, it was a day of academics (it’s clear who had the more exciting day). It started out with a practice run of their NavMaster exam supervised by Cooper. This was split over two groups as the charts take up quite the space in the saloon. This further made Argo feel extremely quiet as only 10 of us (staff and shipmates included) would be on board at any one time. After spending the past 68 days with so many, it made it feel as if Argo was suddenly over 300ft long. Once the quizzing on dead reckonings, estimated positions, and the various calculations from “Wolf Trap Light” (my personal favorite named light in the ocean) was completed, everyone was given time to go explore Richards Bay. The afternoon brought meteorology for the PSCT students with Tim. Having seen Tim prepare for his class during the morning, he was like a kid in a candy shop and definitely received a lot of joy making the presentation and filling it with as many subtle, ok normally not subtle, puns, and jokes. Such as David Bowie being the background for the slide regarding pressure.

With dinner comes squeeze. Without a skipper, it came down to a group decision of what the question should be. It settled on “What’s your favorite word?”.