Location: Gustavia, St Barths

The day began with most of the crew leaving at 6 am to get pastries and coffee at a local cafe for an optional breakfast on shore. After breakfast, we had oceanography with Heather starting with our 3rd quiz and leading into a lecture about the law of the sea. After that, we had a student-led leadership class by Waring reviewing chapter 13 of our book and a class-wide discussion with the crew based on what leadership principles were discussed. After our two classes, we were turned loose for a shore day on St. Barths. Most of the day was spent shopping at the luxury stores up and downtown, as well as lots of fresh pastries for lunch and dinner while on shore. The night ended with a sign-out from the ship where the whole crew met for drinks and socialized and danced.

Photo 1: Cheesecake and pastry
Photo 2: Lunchtime with Charlie and Aidan
Photo 3: All the pastries
Photo 4: Coffee, coffee coffee
Photo 5: While we ate on shore, the staff enjoyed pizza on board and watched squirrel videos
Photo 6: The main street in Gustavia