Location: IN

Hello to all of the amazing friends and family still reading the blogs!! We’re coming up on about our 3-4 day off Argo and into quarantine. Days are short, and we’re often struggling to find things to do, unlike how life was in Argo. Today, I spent the morning with my dogs and the afternoon on a bike ride since we finally had a day above 50 degrees here! I know I can speak for everyone when I say I’d do anything to do another ocean shower, wake-ups, meal prep, or just being all together again.

Like everyone before me said, it’s weird being home and hard not being with everyone. Many of us haven’t been able to talk about the trip to anyone yet, not only because it still hurts a bit but also because there are no words that can describe what we went through. As zoom ended tonight, it felt like we were all still on the boat, sharing jokes and laughing together. Then right after the squeeze, I got a text from one of the many group chats our group has that had been constantly going for the past few days. Every day, we text the crew still on Argo, and they send us crazy videos and pictures of their lives without us, and we text each other about all of the random things going on throughout our days. One thing we all go through every day is extreme Argo withdrawal. The trip definitely changed all of us in ways I can’t even begin to describe. We all learned a lot about ourselves and grew together, and because of that, I’m confident we’ll all be in each other’s lives for a long time.