Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

We arrived in St Barth’s this morning to clear skies and clear blue water. A playground for the rich and famous, St Barth’s does everything first class. Before going ashore, we had other responsibilities to attend to. After putting on sail covers and coiling down the deck, the crew retired to their quarters to make ready for Boat Appreciation, a very special Boat Appreciation. After changing clothes, the crew mustered in the cockpit, fully decked out in our best 80’s gear. The sounds of the 80s ruled the radio as we gave Ocean Star some much-deserved TLC. Lunch came next, then some free time for studying and homework, followed by an oceanography class. Dinner was chicken stir-fry prepared by Kate and Emily. The day finished off with an MTE class, after which the crew went to bed following a long day. St Barth’s awaits us in the morning for a day of fun in the sun.