Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

And we back, baby!!! I know you missed me!

Here’s what you missed on today’s episode of 88 FT:

Your favorite segment, Skipper or Slacker: Today’s skipper took on the challenge of being a head chef while underway last night. All I can say is, YIKES. If you have never been in the OStar galley while trying to make quesadillas (which I know you have not), let me paint a picture for you. Cheese was flying. Pans were sizzling. Chefs were sliding. However, despite the turnout being a bit delayed, the meal was a fan favorite. Our skipper, unfortunately, had minimal time to enjoy the meal as she had to take a B line to the low side (this is me politely saying she was aggressively yacking) during an intense quiet game at dinner, and she lost. But that wasn’t her first and surely not her last trip over to the low side. She and the low side had their time to bond all through the passage until the second our beloved crew arrived in beautiful Dominica. A scene you viewers must become familiar with is our skipper crawling out of bed to gather the crew for not even the usual 7:30 breakfast but a 12:00 lunch. Woof.

Sailors or Scarers: During our skipper’s time on the low side, more important things were happening in the middle of the night as watch teams leaned into the Halloween spirit. Watch team 2 was feeling quite mischievous on their 9-12 watch. Before waking up the next watch team, an entire plan had been put into place. The woman of the hour was Mia. Some would describe her as a hero, but I personally would say insane (and possibly hopped up on medications for an ear infection). She volunteered to get nice and comfortable in the laz for quite some time. As watch team 3 slowly made their way on deck and got settled in, the escapade began. Knowing that watch team three had downloaded some true crime to listen to for their 12-3 watch only played into the scheme. Tensions were high when Mia knocked on the ceiling of the laz to frighten her fellow crew members. Unfortunately, the turnout was the feeling of relief that we had not run OStar aground as opposed to the horror of an unknown figure in the laz. Inspired by the infamous shenanigans of watch team 2, watch team 3 sent Kebo into the engine room to give our Captain Nick a spooky wake-up call at 3 am.

*insert voting notification* Viewers of 88 FT! We need your help: Ocean Star can only handle so much. You must help us decide which watch team should walk the plank. Follow the link on the screen to vote for your favorite watch team and save them from being evacuated.

BA and Slay: Today was everyone’s favorite! You guessed it, boat appreciation day! These are the days we give our lovely girl a good old cleaning. Over the past couple of BA days, our crew has come to be passionate about certain assignments. We have our deck demons, Sean, Waring, and Ryan, who scrub the living heck out of the deck. Dani cleans and organizes the galley cabinets. Kebo gets into the void where Tupperware containers seem to magically lose their counterparts. KT in the stove (as the show’s host, I’d love to interview her to discover why she loves such a heinous job). Kate dives into the fridge; it is comforting looking over and seeing her feet swinging about as if there is nobody attached to them. Alexis gives the forward head a much-needed deep clean, not because he is partial to a clean bathroom, but because it ensures him a freshwater shower. Sydney tackles all the storage underneath the saloon benches. You would not believe the sheer amount of hot sauce stored on this vessel. As for today’s skipper, she has come to love the companionway. She always seems to need the TLC. And finally, the most controversial team on the boat, the floor scrub squad consisting of Kate, Carli, Ashlyn, KT, and Waring. Controversial is the best adjective to describe this group due to the noise that is produced during their floor scrub. Songs commonly heard are The Climb, Sk8er Boi, and She’s So Gone. The voices of this team seem to diminish quite a bit the following day…

*insert voting results* Results are in! The public has decided to save… dramatic pause… Watch Team 2!! No surprise, as they are easily the best watch team.
To see which watch team is to walk the plank, tune in to the next episode on

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Until next time, it’s your host: Carli Trudel. Who is sending love to her fam and friends back home, miss y’all.

Photo 1: Nothin beats a sunrise on passage, baby!

Photo 2: Signs of a successful BA day

Photo 3: Floor Scrub Squad post Floor Scrub

Photo 4: It’s November, but Halloween is never over. Boo.