Location: Pattaya, Thailand

A lot can happen in 90 days. You can get your hair cut or find out you have a new favorite food, you can go to school for a semester or lose contact with the outside world, or you can live on a schooner. All of this happened to us. In 90 days, you can make a family of 19 people that you create endless stories of challenge, hilarity, happiness, and success. In 90 days, a boat full of hooligans like us can make it across an ocean and back and manage to still want to live with each other for another month where the farthest you can be from someone is 112 feet. In 90 days, there may have been times where buttons were pressed, and nerves were tested, but no matter what, tears are shed when our family is split up. In 90 days, bonds are made that will never be broken, and relationships between human and boat or human to human have never meant so much to us as they do now. Seamester isn’t just an abroad program for college students; it is something that enhances our lives, makes our minds richer with world view, and broadens our love for the ocean and much more. I sit here in the chart house thinking of what I will do next and how it will ever be able to compete with Seamester. Still, I remind myself of what our Captain Kris told us, that we are never to stop adventuring and not to let Seamester be the biggest and best adventure we have. Still, I know that Seamester is the start of my adventures and will remain one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life.
To everyone who has made this experience what it is, I thank you, and I’m sure I’ll see you down the road.

Peace, Love and Fair Winds,