Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

We all enjoyed another relaxing day in St. Barths. Starting the day with a Student Leadership class where we did an activity involving personality assessments and found that by day 61, we all know each really well. Following the class, some headed into shore for a morning adventure while others stayed behind to complete a couple of dives for our research paper. After a successful dive, the rest of us got a ride into shore to meet up with the rest of the crew. We had an adventurous day walking in and out of various shops, buying souvenirs, sunning on the beach, and getting WIFI at local cafes while enjoying cappuccinos and croissants. Those who took the early ride back to the boat spent their afternoon working hard on papers while laying out on the deck soaking up the sun. Once all back on the boat, we had a great dinner of Caesar salad, baked pesto chicken, and pasta brought to us by our amazing chefs, Shea and Mollie. Once dinner duties were complete, some headed back into shore for a delicious sushi dinner, desserts, and WIFI. Tor, Shea, and I stayed on the boat for a relaxing night with popcorn and a movie!