Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Greetings from Falmouth harbor!
Today was especially exciting as Sam and Liam (eardrum fully intact!!!) went into town and got our provisions for the next week, which meant we got bags of snacks, lots of meat, fresh fruit, and other exciting boat luxuries. The open water divers also finally got certified after learning about dive tables today and taking their final exam. Hence, they know to always read the manual of a dive computer before turning it on. Then we started our advanced open water theory class, where we learned about deep water diving, identifying fish, and navigation, among other topics. After a delicious lunch of veggie fried rice made by Brahm, we had leadership class, where we shared our favorite songs. Henry and Johnny harmonized to all 8+ minutes of American Pie. After leadership, we went on a quick lil dive off the boat. When we got back, we boat showered and hung out until, out of the blue, Vela appeared. All three boats (Ocean Star, Vela, and Argo) were in the same place for a little while and had a stand-off. Despite us being the smallest boat, we had the loudest and deepest horn, so we were obviously superior. Argo was quickly intimidated and decided to leave (kidding… they were planning to depart today anyway). After establishing boat dominance, we hung out, ate freshly provisioned tortilla chips, and played chess until dinner, where we discussed how Henry would like Steve to be his dad and how Steve would call a movie about his life “Adventures of Steve the Teenage Witch” and cast Denzel Washington as Steve. Then we cleaned up, and the dishie pit had interesting, deep conversations like usual before it started to rain and everyone scurried down below.

1. Celia and Addisen work on deck
2. Open water divers excitedly learn about dive tables
3. Divers suit up for a dive
4. Julien and Noah are excited about going diving
5. Henry with the classic thumbs up