Location: St. Kitts

Our morning started with a much-needed blitz of the boat, more thorough than usual, including additional tasks such as organizing the cabinets in the galley and scrubbing the hull of Ocean Star from the dinghy. When we finished our designated tasks, we sat down in Oceanography class, covering new material on the biological aspect of the course. Following a lunch of BLTs, the advanced divers had theory before all of us sat the test for the VHF radio certificate. After a busy morning, the afternoon proved to be more laid back as we relaxed up on deck, some working on their backflips off the boat while others swam or snorkeled. We speared two more lionfish, the infamous invasive species, just before sitting down to supper, where we enjoyed the Spanish mackerel caught while sailing yesterday. Then the preparation for the night dives began. These happened in two groups and, among the girls, were met with mixed feelings prior to the dive; some had only excitement; others were a little more apprehensive, for example, fearing being somehow eaten by an Orka whale. However, everyone returned safe and sound, having had an unforgettable experience. Sightings included at least ten stingrays, a blue eel, a baby octopus, and a lobster. The excitement and a stronger current worked up an appetite on return, leading to some pre-bed mac’n’cheese and ensuring an early night to bed for all.