Location: Ile Fourchue, St. Barth's

St Barthelemy’s; A place of fine wine and refined women. This morning we left in a hurry to reach a dive site, but Argo will soon return once more for St. Barth’s embrace. For the time being, much was enjoyed today at Ile Fourche. Though uninhabited, this small cove promotes great dive sites and a sunrise-chasing hike to be embarked no later than 5:30 tomorrow morning. In hopes of achieving NavMaster certifications and as part of PSCT, this morning, we all took part in completing the Navigation exam. Charts and plotters in hand, we drew our running fixes and found the set and drift of currents the “old-fashioned,” but classic (and surprisingly accurate) way. Following the exam, I journeyed into the cove for the last dive of the trip. A juvenile shark and ray accompanied my dive group as we relaxed underwater, having finally completed our advanced open water certification. The days wind down as we near Antigua Classics and will be filled with hiking and plenty of time to improve seamanship in preparation. We need to give a huge Birthday Shout out to Hannah D!! What a great day for a birthday, oh, and the brownies were awesome as well!

Side note from Brittany: This also marked the dive that certified all of the divers that came to Argo with zero experience as Advanced Divers! Also, for the last 79 days, Hayley and Kimmery have been working very hard, demonstrating skills, pumping tanks, organizing dive days, leading dives, doing scenarios and doing very long swim tests to finally arrive at this moment, they are both officially PADI Divemasters! Congratulations to the both of you, you are both amazing divers and will be great DM’s, keep diving! Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this semester.