Location: Statia

Today we woke up to the sun shining down the companionway. We ate breakfast and was told the schedule for the day: we would finish the biology topics and have a study class for oceanography, and after lunch we would have free time on shore then dinner. In the bio class we discussed artificial reefs and the pros and cons of them. We also discussed marine tourism in the same way. In oceanography we had the chance to work on our physical oceanography questions and our group project. We then had lunch, which was sandwiches. After lunch we all headed to shore. Some went for hikes or went into town to explore, others phoned home. We got picked up from the dock at 4:30 and showered for dinner. After dinner we had a surprise for Collin, for it was his 19th birthday, We had created a cake and a birthday card. We had free time after the birthday celebration to study, work on assignments or watch movies.