Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

We made it to Dominica!!! It was a bit of a crazy trip as there was rain, big waves, and a lot of wind! We also had a bit of a scary encounter with a big boat that passed us in the dark. Surprise! Let’s just say that it was a bit too close for comfort! The intensity of the event prompted Addisen to start rehearsing emergency drills in her head. I had actually unclipped myself from the boat ( a big no-no) with full intentions of jumping overboard if necessary.

As soon as the anchor dropped this morning, most of the crew scurried to their bunks to catch up on sleep. Unfortunately, after just a few moments to react, everyone was awakened by Brahm, who told us that we needed to get up immediately to go get Covid tests. Surprise! We all dragged ourselves out of our beds, grabbed masks and shoes, and hopped in a dinghy to get to the Covid test place. There, we filled out paperwork and waited for a while. We then learned that we actually weren’t going to get Covid tests for five more days. Surprise! Luckily, the workers gave us all some bright orange bracelets that say “Mandatory Dominica Quarantine” in bold letters, so I guess the early wake-up was worth it in some ways.

After arriving back on the boat, we were given some free time. Some people took naps while others swam or read up on deck. The relaxation didn’t last for long, though, because the Coast Guard pulled up and demanded that we move the boat closer to the left side of the bay. Surprise! With teamwork, we got the anchor up fast and moved a tiny bit over to the side.

Next, it was time for lunch. Johnny and his sous chefs fed us sliders. They were gobbled down! After refueling, it was time for a BA (boat appreciation). This means that we were going to clean the whole boat. Our boat appreciation included scrubbing the decks and the booms, changing sheets, organizing bunks, scrubbing the floor, and sanitizing everything in the galley and salon. While all of this was happening, Steve came to the unfortunate realization that our anchor was dragging. Surprise! We pulled the anchor up, then dropped both anchors back down again. The BA was quite a task, especially in the afternoon heat, but everyone worked hard, and we got the job done quickly.

Our hard work doing BA was rewarded with some free time before dinner. The crew enjoyed more swimming and relaxing on deck. Max and I did a quick workout on deck. We are still recruiting members for our workout club… not many takers yet, but we are NOT giving up.

We had yummy Fettuccini Alfredo for dinner and bread pudding made by Celia for dessert. Some people had doubts about trying the bread pudding and the raisins that were in it, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! A good surprise this time!

I can’t believe that we only have 25 days left, and I think many people are starting to process how great this adventure has been. I miss everyone at home, and I will see you in a few weeks.
Love, Katie

P.S. Dear parents, cell service, isn’t great here, but we are all alive and well!

1) beautiful sunrise view from the bow this morning
2) 6 am debrief for watch team 1 as they took over
3) Keaton and me feeling relieved that we could go back to bed!
4) Keaton helming with moral support from Meg
5) Johnny feeling a little tired after his 5:45 am wakeup
6) Keaton (Helly Hansen should sponsor her!)
7) Waiting in line for what we thought would be a Covid test
8) Max enjoying some cereal for breakfast
9) Liam drawing the Whale of the Day…. one of the most important jobs on the Ocean Star
10) Relaxation on deck
11) lunch
12) lunch
13) Meg cleaning the salon with passion
14) Scrubbing the decks
15) Max and me working out.
16) Noah!
17) Addisen and Max
18) Liam and me at dinner
19) dinner selfie
20) Celia and her bread pudding
21) Meg and Erin enjoying dessert