Location: Musket Bay, Malolo Island

Today started early for me with the 5-6 anchor watch. Right after our delicious breakfast of Swedish pancakes made by Mac, Bella, and Gillian, the people taking rescue diver got in the water to do 3 more skills: distressed diver underwater, missing diver, and surfacing a distressed diver. Those not taking rescue snorkeled and worked on their index cards. In the afternoon, rescue continued with one more skill: exiting divers from the water. The students not in rescue continued working on their cards. I got to join Niko and Elle on his search and recovery dive for divemaster, where we experienced the worst visibility either of us has ever experienced; in some places, the visibility was 5ft, and in others, it was less than 3ft, we had to end the dive early because we could not see anything, but we will try again another day, at another anchorage. The first of the 2 rescue scenarios was this afternoon. Niko, Elle, and I got to play the victims after surfacing from the search and recovery dive. Tonight after dinner, we have a movie night because after completing our oceanography group research project presentations last night, we are officially done with school!!


– First light this morning over Malolo Island
– The assignments whiteboard in the salon
– Rescue divers in the water
– Argo from afar