Location: Galapagos

Hello all! It has been another magical day in the Galapagos. Everyone on board had a different adventure around the island. A group went to the North side of Santa Cruz to dive Gordon Rocks and Daphne Minor. Once again…the dives sounded amazing. The ocean here is FULL- mantas, eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, puffers, triggerfish, sea stars, chromis, sea lions…the list goes on. Jack and Max had a bike adventure all over the town, finding sweet jungle alleys and popping some sick wheelies. Chance, Mike, Makena, and Anton Cafe hopped from place to place. Molly and Penelope helped Claire provision at a local fruit market in preparation for our coming passage to Nuka Hiva. Others stayed on board and had a relaxing day. Then the sun started setting, and the sky started glowing the most gorgeous pinka wonderful last sunset in the Galapagos.