Location: Nevis

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being totally happy and content with where you are. I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I feel like that most days on SeaMester, however today must have been even more exceptional as that realization crossed my mind many times. I’m confident that the feeling is mutual throughout the shipmates also. This morning brought the first of the main Oceanography lectures and I was so impressed with the student’s attitude, concentration and understanding of chemical oceanography, not an easy subject. With class over and last minute showers, grocery runs and general chores completed, we departed St. Kitts bound for our next destination, Nevis. Along the way we had a planned stop, a wreck dive of a tugboat called the River Taw. The fisheries department of St. Kitts had asked us to make scientific observations of the dive to contribute to their data, which is quite an honor. The dive was incredible, one of my favorites in a long time. It started with a quick succession of perfect giant stride entries, the student being a credit to Tor and Matty for their excellent instruction. It was great to see students who took their first few under water breaths less than two weeks ago, calmly and confidently descend and fin along like pros. We made our way towards the wreck, following the scattering of twisted metal, parts of boat and machinery alike, all equally covered in a blanket of intricate coral. As the chunks of metal got larger we suddenly came across a large section and following investigation it was clear that it had been the bow. Sitting calmly on the top deck, as if admiring the view through the railing sat a beautiful turtle. We hovered for a long moment, divers and turtle quietly observing each other peacefully before moving on. The life covering the wreck was thick and colorful, in stark contrast to the barren sand surrounding it. Next we found the stern section. It was still mostly intact which allowed us to swim though it safely. There’s an eerie sensation swimming through a wreck, imagining the people walking, talking and laughing in the same, yet totally different spot. Eventually, regretfully, it was time to surface and as soon as we broke the surface, the smiles and excited chatter began. We are now safely moored in Nevis, our next island waiting to be explored. First though, pizza bagels and sailing class with Captain Kevin. Today could not have been better. setdate:2012-10-02