Location: Eustatius

After an early morning scare of dragging our anchor, we said goodbye and good luck to Safety Dan, who was leaving us for a couple of days to write one of his sailing exams and went below to get a few more Z’s. Breakfast happened at 7:30 while we discussed the challenge that the day had install for us. This morning we were going to hike the Quill Trail to the crest of a dormant volcano. This hike was the easiest of the trip so far, but that made it o less enjoyable. The group made it to the summit in under an hour and relaxed while overlooking the crater. I caught a small snake which is something I have wanted to do all semester. It was a nonpoisonous Red-Bellied Racer about 2ft long. When we left the summit, some of the group went to check out the Botanical Gardens on the other side of the mountain, while the others descended back to the small town for some authentic Chinese food. After some shore time, we got back to Ocean Star and prepped for the windy passage in the morning over to Saba. Sadly all the days are getting shorter and shorter on Ocean Star as the end draws near.