Location: Underway to SVG

What an exciting day! We broke into watch teams last night, and the bioluminescence and stars were unreal. We began the day with a morning jibe at 8 am. We put the stern of Argo into the wind and switched all the sails to the starboard side. Following that, we had a fantastic meal of burrito bowls from head chef Sarah and halfway through the meal; we saw spotted dolphins approaching Argo! After lunch, we prepared for our upcoming NavMaster exam with a few practice problems with Smash and finished an exciting marine biology lecture on polar seas afterward. We learned about narwhals, penguins, and other marine homeotherms that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. With a few hours to spare after our refreshing deck showers, we got some free time to hang out, watch a movie, or do work. Sarah made the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had for dinner and surprised the whole boat with chocolate chip and sugar cookies! We finished the night with a squeeze question on what the theme song of our lives would be, and we had a fun clean-up. Now it’s bedtime for 2/3 of the crew, while watch team 3 takes us into the night with the 2000-0000 watch.

P.S. We miss you, Mrs. Valpey
Love, Brian, and Jake

Happy Birthday Dr. Kitchens!!

Pictured: Emma and the dishy pit, Lance in the chart house

Current position: 1703.87’N x 03213.39’W