Location: Agadir, Morocco

We ended up leaving Essaouira around midnight and headed towards Agadir for about 12 hours. We got into port, and we had to go through customs again, and while Sam was dealing with the officials, we started doing our boat appreciation. This was the biggest boat appreciation that we have done so far on this trip because we took such a beating on the passage from Gibraltar. When we got in, we started our BA, and we didn’t finish until we had dinner at 5 pm. We did just about everything that you can do in a BA, we scrubbed the decks, rust busted most of the boat, cleaned the hull, we started waxing, but we had dinner, so we didn’t have to finish that. The port here seems pretty nice, and there is supposed to be a large French influence here, just like in a lot of Morocco. When we pulled in, the buildings looked really cool because they are all painted white to help deal with the heat when it gets too hot out. All the guys on the boat are also looking forward to “Movember,” which is when we all grow out our mustaches to help raise money for prostate cancer. Shout out to Paul and Maggie for cleaning the engine room. set date:2012-10-29