Location: On Passage

My day started at a bright 4 am watch with glass-like waters cruising at about 8 knots. 4-8 is one of my favorite watches, mostly because of the sunrise always being at about 6:30-7ish, and the conditions we had only made the sunrise better. Once my watch had finished, the next watch team had come up to relieve us. As they walked back, Lolo had spotted a whale at the stern of the boat about 400 meters away. We weren’t all too sure what type of whale it was just because of how far away it was, but it sure was bigger than a dolphin and had a dorsal fin. After the excitement of the whale spotting me and my watch team had headed down below to catch up on the sleep we had missed. About 2 hours into my nap, we had dropped the mainsail and the jib to stop for a nice little 15,000 foot swim in the middle of the ocean, which had been pretty fun just being so isolated from the world and giving us a little gift for our usual plotting and boat checks. Lunch and dinner prepared by Shana and Tyler had made falafel and couscous for lunch and kugel and sweet and sour meatballs for dinner, which had been a very new day of food for me compared to what I’d typically eat at home. Katie had also made brownie cookies with chia seeds based on the amount of eggs on board. I look forward to my next night watch at 12-4 am.