Location: Fort Bay, Saba

Today, Amy is the head chef. She cooked Flapjacks for breakfast, Quinoa, and sauted vegetables for lunch and hummus and falafel for dinner. The ship was divided into two groups to go diving with Sea Saba, and when not diving, the crew were given free time. Below are the accounts of the crew throughout the day.

Reactions to wakeup:
Eddie: Angry. I was mad. I didn’t think you were skipper. I was like, ‘why is this kid waking me up?’ I cried a little once you started playing music.
Lito: My wakeup was about 2%. Very regular until the Darth Vader theme song. That was a turn-off.

Thoughts on the flapjacks breakfast:
Ian: It’s so healthy
Emma: Oh, god. Weirdest pancakes I’ve ever seen.
Gabe: It was delicious.

Accounts of the dives:
Carolyn: The dive was great; we saw turtles.
Lito: I saw five turtles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many turtles in my life.
Ian: Strayer forgot to go diving (Strayer slept in his bunk as everyone else departed for the dive boat, but was rescued and shuttled to the boat for diving upon a quick wake up).
Jon: It was exquisite. And filled with ‘cuda (barracuda).
Strayer (After waking up and going diving): It was great until I came face to face with a barracuda. Saw a lot of sea slugs!
Margaret: It was actually really cool. We saw a shark, and I saw a barracuda. The current, oh my gosh, the current was so strong. The dive was honestly a 9/10. It would have been a 10/10 had I had seen more sharks. What else did I see, a bunch of fish? Oooh, we saw a turtle.
Sophia: The nurse shark. Because I’ve never seen a real nurse shark before, not only its tail sticking out, but the whole thing.
Bobbie: Oooh, seeing a giant reef shark at the end of the second dive. Slightly disappointed that I sort of saw a reef shark. And then it was like Baaawwww! And it was … big. Bigger than a reef shark should be. Maybe it was white…
Jack: I saw a couple of nice sea turtles. They were nice.

Utilization of free time:
Ian: I wrote a very, very, very VERY long email. I sent a bunch of emails to my boss and former captain of the boat.
Chelsea: Seriously, I suntanned and took a nap.
Ryan: I took a fat nap!
Izy: I… I’m so tired. I watched Catch Me If You Can. I also studied and took a nap while I was trying to study and successfully washed my clothes.

Favorite part of the day:
Sophia: The meals were the best. I first took a nap and then studied. It was sort of a nap because I was in my bunk with my eyes closed, but it wasn’t actually asleep. I feel like I was at a doctor’s appointment.
Strayer: The falafel wraps really hit the spot.
May: I was calm after diving. Everyone is very chatty before the dive, and then after the dive, everyone is so chill. Post adrenaline post excitement, everyone is just so calm after the dive.
Steph: When everybody came back and was excited about all the dives, then recounted everything, so it was like I was there.

After dinner, the crew took an Oceanography quiz and then had Seamanship, during which they learned more about navigation. Afterward, everyone was tired and went to bed, eager to get some rest before another busy day on Saba tomorrow.