Location: Boca Grande Key, Fl

Starting off with a late morning, we got ten extra minutes of sleep! We started the day off with some muffins and then did clean up. After breakfast, we finished passage preparations. We set sail around nine in the morning. We had a very busy and productive day, raising the mainsail, the main staysail, the forward staysail, the jib, and the flying jib throughout the passage. Everyone was involved and put on the spot, so we all learned a lot more than we had beforehand. We took a break for lunch, a great green curry made by Brahm and William. As soon as lunch clean up was over, we started breakdown by lowering the flying jib, the jib, the main staysail, the forward staysail, and the mainsail. Around the time we finished taking down the mainsail, we anchored in Boca Grand Key, Florida. We ate dinner, sweet potato bowls with chicken while enjoying the beautiful views around us. We were so focused on all the hard work and tasks at hand that there was barely any time to take photos! As I type this blog, my shipmates are doing dinner cleanup, and we are going to go for a well-deserved swim/shower.