Location: 9 21.55'S 112 28.64'E

Hello everybody!! Skipper Caroline on the job today! Today was our first full day of sailing heading towards Christmas Island, and mother nature has been testing our sea legs a little bit. We’ve been dealing with a little swell on this passage so far. A few people have fallen victim to a little bit of seasickness, and the rest of us just waiting for our time to come. Day 24 has been fairly normal for Argo. Our two classes down below truly tested our stomachs while rocking back and forth for about two hours. We also decided to troll some fishing line with squid lures off the back of the boat today to see if we could catch anything for a class project, but as of now, we have had no luck. We will keep you all posted, though. Our meals were pretty great today, thanks to chef Tina. For lunch, we had lasagna, and dinner was mac and cheese, lamb, and broccoli, which personally made my day. Today was a pretty relaxing day, a little overcast, which was nice because it gave us all a break from the sun and heat. The whole crew has been taking on this constant back and forth motion like champs, but I’m sure we all can’t wait to get to Christmas Island in a few days. Day 24 was pretty laid back but still an amazing day.

Hope everybody is doing well back home,
-Skipper Caroline
P.S. Hi family, I love and miss you guys!!