Location: Tarragona, Spain

Today started off great. Watch Team 3 started the day with the 12-4 watch, and in a beautiful sign that today would be a great day, Anna and I were visited by a dolphin swimming on the bow with us for just a moment. We checked the time and found that it was 3:33, or the angel number that means joy and change, the number that is here to guide us towards a fulfilling life purpose, after watch. We turned in and slept until lunch. By then, we were well within sight of land! We watched for the second time this trip as tiny smudges on land became clusters of buildings and roads among the cliff coast of Spain. It felt surreal to be approaching what has for so long seemed like a faraway destination. We still haven’t officially touched land, but it feels good to have finally made it here. The afternoon was filled with leadership class, as we still had a ways to go before landfall and inflating fenders, which Watch Team 1 generously took on the task of doing. Some of us attended a seamanship class as we made our final approach into the port. After class, we made our way back on deck to watch as we came into port, watching all of the industrial ships around us and making sure the boat was ready to dock. We took care of the dinghies and fenders and finally got onto the dock just in time to eat dinner, and finally, we were here! Tonight, we’ll all arrange in the salon to catch up on shows we missed as a group.

Photo 1: Keally, Wyatt, and Elan doing dishes on deck
Photo 2: Calum, Ines, me and Ceci
Photo 3: Me and Darius