Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

A beautiful day in Bequia today, we woke up to the smell of the chef’s delicious French toast, starting the day off on a good note. We had a successful OCE class taught by the infamous Coach Ivy, and then a quick BA (Boat Appreciation) to get Ocean Star back in pristine condition. Being the diligent students that we are, we spent the rest of the morning doing research dives or studying for our ICC (International Crew Certificate) exam, which, of course, we all passed with flying colors! To celebrate, we headed to the beach for some beach volleyball, tossing a frisbee, checking out nearby water caves, and enjoying the beautiful Caribbean scenery we are blessed to be in. Dinner was fantastic, a super shout out to chefs Brandon and Tor for their magnificent array of shish kebabs, rice pilaf, French fries, and even dessert, Pineapple Jello! Tonight was supposed to be our first-night dive, so during cleanup Tor and I took a quick peek at our dive site to check for currents. It was thrilling to be swimming around and have the bioluminescence sparkling with every movement. However, the conditions weren’t too favorable, and the crew determined that our evening would be best served otherwise. So there you have it, yet again, another marvelous day in the Caribbean!