Location: Carriacou

Tonight I sit down to write this blog for the second time, which means one full rotation of the job wheel, I think back to where we started off on that first morning when the crew of Ocean Star woke up on the dock in West End, Tortola. Its pretty inspiring to think about all the things we have accomplished and learned since that first morning. In a mere twenty days we have some pretty skilled chefs onboard now (some of which had never even made pasta before!), everyone onboard is now an official certified SCUBA diver, we even have some new science enthusiasts learning how to conduct their very own research! One of the most impressive things that we have accomplished, in my opinion, is that we have a crew of twenty pretty skilled sailors that all understand what it takes to get this boat moving and have sailed through the Caribbean for a current total of 528.4 Nautical Miles! Everyday the shipmates are starting to step up more lead each sail raise or anchor drop while the staff getting to step back a bit and watch the leadership take over. It’s pretty awesome to see. Although there is so much more to learn, many adventures to be had and numerous more miles to sail, I am very impressed with what we have accomplished so far.

Today was probably one of my favorite days so far sailing as we raised anchor in Grand Mal, set sails off the coast of Grenada then headed north- past the underwater volcano known as Kick’em Jenny and over to Hillsborough Bay off of Carriacou. It was a fantastic 30 mile sail that started out a bit wet and rainy and ended with setting one of the top speed records for Ocean Star, 10.8 Knots! It was fun to see the look on peoples faces as we healed over and raced through the water finally sailing on one of Ocean Star’s better points of sail. I’m still grinning from today.