Location: Falmouth Harbour

Hello friends and family! My name is Hannah, and I would like to personally welcome you to the twister of today’s events.

At 7:00 am sharp, I began my morning peacefully, waking up the rest of my crew with a quiet calling of each of their names and soft taps on the shoulders. Everyone was a bit sleepy from the on-deck shenanigans of the night before, but each of us managed to put a smile on and get ready for the full day ahead of us.

Our Captain was head chef today, and he decided to serve us yogurt, granola, and fruit as his choice for breakfast. Well…he may have wanted to reconsider the whole tin fruit component. Poor Steve spent his morning hours at the emergency room, getting stitches in his left hand from a severe cut from the canned fruit. Thankfully, they sent Steve back to us in one piece…just in time for him to get started on dinner prep! But before we rush to dinner, let’s talk about another surprise of our morning.

At 8:30 am, Calum alerted us, seamanship students, that in thirty minutes, we would have our International Crew Sail Exam. At the news, we all grabbed our laptops and notes and sprinted down to the salon to cram our brains with as much studying as we possibly could. Believe it or not, our thirty minutes of review proved to be successful, and we all passed our exams (well, to an extent, but that is beside the point, and we eventually will ALL have our International Crew certifications; I know it!). I have to give all the credit to Calum for this, though. His enthusiastic teaching abilities and passion for this subject make us eager to learn.

Next on the agenda was for half of the crew to complete their deepwater dives, as the other half stayed back on the boat and had free time. Oh, I mean “study time.” Something that we all struggle to fit in on this boat! There is just too much great conversation and laughter between us 18 crew members.

For lunch, we had sandwiches and chips. Something simple, but it was quick so that the other half of the divers could take their time on their deep dive. Lunch was followed by a marine biology class with Steve. We learned about all the different types of marine worms, which was actually quite interesting!

Following, the other half of the crew completed their deep water dives, while the rest of the crew took naps, wrote essays, and tanned on deck. As a participant of this dive, I can tell you that this dive was like none other. Our dive began as usual. However, a new phenomenon for us all was witnessed once we hit the depth of 70 feet. My personal dive buddy, Nic, had fallen victim to Nitrogen Narcosis, and oh, what an experience that was. I’ll save the stories for your crew member to tell you; it is definitely worth the wait!

Our afternoon of laughs was sealed with a delicious meal made by Captain, which consisted of toad in a hole, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Absolutely delicious, to say the least!

Now, the day is coming to an end, and we all have begun our after-dinner duties. I am sure we will find some fun things to do to occupy our time this evening, rather than be by watching a movie, looking at the stars on deck, or simply just conversing with each other. No time is wasted time upon S/Y Ocean Star.

Thank you for having me today!

Much Love,