Location: underway

This morning at nine is our trip log registered the first 200+ nautical mile day in Argo’s history. At 202 nautical miles in the previous 24 hours, we made it, just closely, and the watch teams took extra vigilant turns at the helm for the hours leading up to this morning’s log reading. Once it was realized that we were within shot of a 200-mile day, everyone at the helm was extra careful to steer as straight as an arrow. We had a marine bio class on marine protected areas, followed by a PSCT practical class on deck. Captain Boomer taught us about outboard engine maintenance amidst a torrential downpour. Fortunately, the rain cleared before dinner, and we were able to eat Altman’s calzones and flaky apple crisp on deck in the cool, overcast evening air. Watch cycles continue as normal as we fly across the ocean in a perfect rhythm acquired in the 4364-mile wake we trail behind us.