Location: Underway to Tonga

Argo left Rarotonga today, and as everyone was saying their goodbyes to land, most of us wondered what makes a home. Argo can feel like a home in so many ways, from when the dishy pit is singing songs from Annie to the moments where we are sitting together in the salon. As we left for passage, most of the students have been pondering what makes a place feel like home for them? The conclusion, it’s family. A family that you can fight with and still, at the end of the day, love each other. That’s what I know we will build on this ship, a family. Not the type of family that is found anywhere, but the one that is built with trust and love. That is how I know that Argo is becoming a home because the crew is becoming family through all of our strange and unique ways. This passage, I hope, will bring our home closer together; the next 4 to 5 days will be a true test of how close we can get.

Pictured: Our ensign with a rainbow behind us this morning at breakfast; students ready to go for our passage to Tonga.

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