Location: Underway

For the past twenty-four hours, the rumblings of the main engine have been the background music to Argo’s unfolding passage from Grenada to Bonaire. Through its harmony, we have been lulled into the routine of passage life, a space of thoughtful, communal, and simple living. Argo gracefully follows the tempo of the rolling swells. At the same time, the melody of life aboard rises and falls with the continuing saga of the malfunctioning heads, furious raising and lowering of sails to catch brief bouts of wind, cleansing seawater showers on deck, and the late-night coalescing of watch teams.

Here we are, 29: the crew of Argo. We work, we stick to dance, study, cook, eat, and catch up on sleep. There is a sublime beauty in the simplicity of our lives aboard, which is accompanied by a constant and complex stream of thoughts and conversations. Tomorrow afternoon we will reach Bonaire, and this music will begin anew in concert with the land, diving, and anchor watch, perhaps reminiscent of our current absorption in miles of water reaching out to distant horizons.

Passage is something else.