Location: Underway

For as long as humans have lived next to the water, people have attributed it to having magical properties. The sea’s mysterious nature has lured adventurers, throughout time, to brave its deeps. Last night crew members found themselves subject to this siren song, with a dazzling display of bioluminescence. This biological phenomenon is caused by phytoplankton, manifesting in a bright glow wherever these critters are displaced in the water. On a clear Atlantic night, this led to the resplendent spectacle of Argo cutting through the glass-like water, leaving behind a glowing trail of green embers in its wake. This enthralling image puts the nature of our experience so far into perspective. In the final stretch of our trip, tensions can run high, especially when confined to a 112ft vessel with twenty-seven people. Still, the opportunity afforded to us has been nothing short of fantastical. We find ourselves questioning the reality of the moments we find ourselves in, as the day to day activities of this voyage push the idea of the “real world” further into the vestiges of nostalgia. In a way, it is almost ironic that these microscopic critters can teach us how to appreciate the truly special moments of life that we find ourselves in. We leave these microscopic stars dancing in our wake and move forward to the next sunrise, taking with us all only the amazing experiences found thus far in our unforgettable journey.