Location: Underway

Today the Argo crew began our longest passage yet to Bonaire from Grenada. After a yummy breakfast consisting of granola, yogurt, and fruit, we all began passage prep and headed for the seas. Although there were weak winds this morning, the wind steadily picked up as the day went on. After a chicken Caesar salad lunch at noon, we had two classes while underway. Sam taught a PSCT class, and then we had a Seamanship class taught by Leah and Kris. The Argo staff have some great noggins full of wondrous knowledge, which the rest of the crew learns from with eagerness and prestige. We then had free time until dinner, where we all indulged in sauteed vegetables, rice, and salad. Great work, chefs. The watch teams will rotate throughout the rest of the night as we continue our two and a half-day passage to Bonaire! Watch team 1 has some excellent snacks for night watch, mainly including peanut butter.