Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Today started like most days, groggily wandering out of the cabin and enjoying a great breakfast. After cleaning up, half of us readied for our final confined water dive while the others prepared to embark on Virgin Gorda for some shopping, wifi, and great views. The Divers had many sets of dive skills to practice.

First of them was establishing neutral buoyancy, basically trying our best not to float away, followed by breathing from our buddies’ alternate air source and several other skills we needed to know before our first open water dive. We were in the water so long that we needed to surface and replace our air tanks. After the first divers finished, both groups switched, and divers had the chance to explore the trails of Virgin Gorda, and the others motored off to practice the same skills. Though my first impression of the island was that it was a tourist trap, I discovered that it hid many secrets that made our time there memorable. Reptilian life was vibrant here, with tiny geckos to big lazy iguanas catching some sun. Though the animals here were fascinating, the true attraction was its wide variety of huge blooming flowers and hardy mangroves. Some of us trekked up to the top of the island and saw some great views of the North Sound. When time was short, we returned to the marina and enjoyed some food at the pub, contacted friends and family, and played some pool.