Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

Today marks our 4th day of passage; however, for one of our very own, Caroline, it is her 6574th day alive (18th Birthday)! To celebrate the occasion, we had two cakes; one did not make it on deck due to an ill-timed wave. Today we have seen a slight increase in wind and swell, but it is nothing we student-seaman cannot handle. In our MTE course, we have advanced our navigational knowledge; we learned how to take currents and wind into account. Our first-mate Nick decided it was a good idea to purchase a toy helicopter in Mauritius, which he has taken to practicing in the saloon. It does, however, add some entertainment to our studying as we watch him accidentally fly it into himself. Morale is at a recent high, and to say that we have become a family would be a major understatement.