Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” rang through the salon at 7 am this morning. It is hard to have a bad day when you start it off with some Tom Petty! After a filling breakfast provided by Johnny, we headed down to the salon for a leadership class led by Erin. The discussion centered around the concept of understanding yourself. There were a lot of good conversations about nature vs. nurture and about how our identities form. Next was our Oceanography lab. Lucky for us, this lab consisted of looking at samples of “sediment,” which was really a big mix of candy. The task was to look at the ratios of the different candies which represented different parts of sediment and to decide which section of the ocean the sample came from. In a rush to eat the sweets, we cracked the code pretty quickly. Our second challenge was to take a piece of foil and fold it as many times as possible while ensuring that it still floated. One team claimed that they made it to 64 folds while the other team came just a little short of that with a grand total of…. 16!

After lunch, a small group went on a dive to make up any dives that they had missed. They were extremely excited to see a fluorescent sponge, some lobsters, squid, and jellyfish. They had big smiles for the rest of the day. The rest of the group had dinghy training to learn how to drive and use the dinghies. It was not an easy skill to learn for some, but the group was able to laugh through the challenge.

We enjoyed a few hours of free time before dinner and watched yet another gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately, our superyacht neighbor, Milk, and Honey blocked the very last part of the sunset, but it was still beautiful. The hunt for the green flash continues!

Johnny and sous chefs had a fettuccini alfredo mishap when they realized they were very short on sauce, but with help from the heroic Celia and Meg, a great dinner was served. We are all full from the yummy pasta dinner and will hopefully use the rest of the night to start the essays that are due in a few days… or maybe we will play more Uno and blast music… the second option sounds more fun to me 🙂

To all my family and friends reading this at home, I love you and miss you so much!!

1) Max enjoying another sunny morning
2) Grady appreciating the peace and quiet on deck before breakfast
3) Addisen getting ready to roll up her sleeves in the dirty dish pit
4) Meg showing you the “sediment” sample from class
5) Johnny working hard in the kitchen
6) Erin leading the leadership class
7) Keaton ready to wipe down the deck
8) Liam looking prepared for class
9) Henry taking a quick dip between classes
10) Celia serving as an excellent gopher
11) Chris chilling on the bowsprit
12) Julian also working hard as a gopher
13) Noah relaxing after working hard as a sous chef
14) Afternoon fun in the sun
15) The boys!
16) Oranges for a snack
17) Grady, Celia, and Julian on their dive (great shot by Celia!!)