Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today was the group excursion on the lovely island of Dominica. Our aptly named guides were Sea Cat and Stowe, they showed us the culinary delights of the island. All the cool kids got down and boogied in Stowe’s van on the way to grape fruit picking. Climbing trees to get our own fruits was a new and very fun experience for a lot of us. We also had sugarcane fresh from the tree; the perfect recipe is to put some grapefruit juice on it, it’s delicious! We then hoped back in the taxis, making stops on the road to pick some more local fruits and berries, including guava, raspberries, bread nut, nectarine, ginger and cinnamon. We discovered a nut, which seeds deliver a red fluid, used as face paint or as food coloration. Some pretty artistic face drawings happened during the ride, which made us not look like tourist at all when we arrived to an artisanal coconut bread stand. Very delicious bread! Afterward we learned how to make chocolate directly from the chocolate bean and had some very tasty passion fruit. After having lunch on a gorgeous beach we went swimming at the Emerald Pool, which is a little pond of fresh water with a stunning waterfall in the middle of the rain forest. On our way back to Argo we stopped at the Botanical Garden and at a high point of the mountain where we could see a striking view of the island. As a conclusion, it was a very flavorsome and appetizing day!