Location: The Atlantic Ocean

Attention Houston, we have wind! After what seemed like days of the wind being as present as fast-food and warm showers, it finally decided to stop by for a visit. Watch team three raised the mainsail, eased out the sheet, attached the prevent-er, and within minutes we were able to power down the main engine and make way by the grace of Mother Nature, herself. The melodic hum of the engine subsided, and a gentle and comforting calm settled over the deck. The skies stayed as crisp and clear as diamonds as we sailed downwind and East across the vast Atlantic. During our Seamanship class, the shipmates perfected their knots, and during Oceanography, they learned all about the various levels of nutrients throughout the ocean. Every day is an adventure of mind and body as the ocean tests our sailing abilities. Showers are growing increasingly colder as we make our way further into the open ocean, but luckily hot tea and coffee are always plentiful. Dinner tonight was an amazing concoction of four different types of chicken along with creamy mashed potatoes and home-style BBQ beans. The chefs have really been doing a great job at keeping everyone well-fed and always coming back for seconds. We are all hoping this wind will continue in the coming days. The joy of silence encompassing the boat, aside from the whoosh of the wind and the occasional crash of a wave, makes us all feel very fulfilled and drives home the fact that we truly are sailing across the Atlantic Ocean!