Location: 21,15,8 S; 6,19,9 E

As the sun rose this morning over the Atlantic today, watch team one was in action hoisting the jib and leading Argo on its journey to St. Helena. By noon, there was more hustle and bustle around the cockpit as it was almost time for a delicious lunch of chickpeas, beans, and potatoes courtesy of Smash. After clean-up, we headed down below for Marine Biology and Leadership Studies. There, we had the opportunity to learn about different marine microorganisms such as diatoms and coccolithophores. We also listened to an inspiring speech by Steve Jobs in Leadership Studies about commitment and following your dreams, which led to a great discussion on what following your dreams really means and what dreams we have for ourselves and what we think our future may hold.

After class, while some stayed down in the salon to study for Oceanography and Marine Biology, watch team one was up on deck having fun while learning some new knots and keeping an eye out for any sea life that could pop up at any minute. As dinner time rolled around, we all gathered together for chicken stir fry, rice, and birthday cake for our shipmate Shane who turned 21 today. While enjoying our cake, Jayda spotted something on the port side (left) not too far away from Argo: a humpback whale! As we watched the whales swim away, we heard Smash exclaim, “I called it! I knew we’d see a whale today!” and indeed, we did. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a beautiful day on the water, and we are all excited to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.