Location: Gibraltar, UK

Hey everyone!!

Today started with some easy-going music to set a calm mood for a big day. After a classic breakfast of yogurt and granola, everyone squeezed in some last-minute studying before our first marine biology test. We then powered through, putting our heads down and doing our best to bring all that we’d learned to the table. With that task off our shoulders, we all got ready for our day ashore. For many of us, Gibraltar was a place that we knew fairly little about, and so the lack of prior expectations made exploring this part of the world a little extra exciting and rewarding. Throughout the day, we did our best to venture through all Gibraltar had to offer. Some of us checked out the coffee and tea shops, others continued the search for wardrobe additions (while happily ignoring our limited and diminishing storage space), and a few enjoyed the arcade. The spontaneous ear-piercing trend still seems to be going strong as well. Laundry facilities were widely appreciated and taken advantage of – clean, warm, folded clothes have never been so beautiful. Once satisfied with our excursions, we made our way back to Vela to freshen up for our night out. All dressed up. We made our way to a beautiful restaurant right by the marina, where the whole group enjoyed a lovely dinner and some drinks with a few of the staff. It was a fantastic night of recharging and relaxing after an active day.

Back on Vela, everyone made their way to bed at their own pace in anticipation of our early hike tomorrow morning, grateful for a wonderful day of exploring.

Sending lots of love to everyone at home! We appreciate and miss you!

-Skipper of the day, Sav

Photo 1: The whole group looking fancy.
Photo 2: A bunch of the gals!
Photo 3: A bunch of the guys!
Photo 4: Walking to the restaurant featuring Grace and Dani.
Photo 5: Dinner conversations.


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