Location: Peter Island, BVI

For our second exam day, everyone was woken up with energizing Shakira music and sweet, gentle wake-ups from Nick (he wanted to redeem himself due to his history of horribly obnoxious wake-ups). Aaron impressed everyone with his perfectly symmetrical dairy-free pancakes and his one enormous ‘man-cake.’ After breakfast, we spent the morning studying for marine biology; by the time the exam came, we all felt well prepared and finished swiftly. Talking afterward, we all felt it was super easy and that we did very well! Following the exam, the crew spent the afternoon working on navigation; Chesapeake bay charts were everywhere while all the students focused and began to fully understand the problems. At shower time, Yi attempted a front flip, which didn’t quite work, but she hasn’t given up, a true inspiration to us all! Alex and I attempted back layouts (back-flips where you don’t tuck at all, straight bodied), and Alex’s was great! After fish tacos for dinner, our second squeeze question answered what we would want to look like as an alien. Tonight everyone is trying to get our final navigation studying in, and we all hope to do well tomorrow morning!